PowerLight Box

PowerLight Box for Philips TCH and Hogro PVX
  • Wattage: Switchable 4/7Watt
  • Colour (CCT): Switchable 3000K/4000K
  • Luminous Flux: >100Lm/W
  • CRI: 80~90
  • Number LEDs: 84st
  • Powerfactor: 0.9
  • Beam Angle: 180°
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Vandal resistant: IK10
  • Dimensions: 344x119x70mm
  • KCertificates: CE - EMC -LVD - F - RoHs
  • M2 Driver: with Daylight sensor and connection for Motion sensor
  • M3 Driver: with Daylight sensor and connection for Motion sensor and Battery

A luminaire with its very own face, which integrates effortlessly into any environment; both indoors and outdoors, with or without sensor, emergency power unit or escape route signs.

The LED board and electronics are fully integrated in the light cover of the PowerLight Box. Together with the design of the light cover, this ensures a beautiful and even light distribution, to every possible direction.

One-to-one interchangeable thanks to our renovation kit

The cover of the PowerLight Box is interchangeable with the light cover of the Philips TCH 329 and the Hogro (Lightronics) PVX. This makes it possible to leave the existing bases mounted. This saves a lot of time during installation and prevents damage to or having to update the walls or ceilings.

Different drivers for optimal results

The M3 driver has a built-in inverter so that it can be used as an emergency power supply by adding our Lithium-Ion battery pack. This driver has the first dip switch for switching the emergency mode on / off. The second dip switch is for dimming the light output back when no movement is detected. This is adjustable to 0/100% or to 30/100%. The third dip switch is for switching the daylight sensor on / off, the fourth dip switch is for the sensitivity of the daylight sensor. It can be set to High or Low. The special thing about this daylight sensor is that it only reacts to daylight, artificial light has no influence on the sensor. The fifth dip switch is for switching the Wattage of the PowerLight Box, which is adjustable to 4W or 7W.

The M2 driver is a smaller driver with almost all functions that the M3 driver also has. The only difference is that the M2 driver has no connection for an emergency power unit.

Save time with the PowerLight Remote

The PowerLight Box Luxe (incl. Emergency power supply) is standard equipped with a fully automatic self-test function. This function tests the autonomy (burning time) of the PowerLight Box without power once every 30 days. For the periodic checks an optional (but essential) remote can be ordered, this makes checking the emergency power function easier than ever.

The most time-consuming issue when checking the emergency luminaires is opening and testing all individual luminaires. With our remote, you don't need more than a simple push of the big round button. After pressing the button on our remote, the LED board turns off and a status LED flashes. When this LED flashes green, the last fully automatic self-test had an autonomy (burning time) of more than 70 minutes, when the status LED flashes red, it was less than 70 minutes and maintenance is required.

The remote works at a large distance so that all luminaires in the room flash with one click. It is therefore immediately visible (and remotely) whether the emergency lighting still meets the requirements. The remote operates on kinetic energy, which means that the energy for the signal is generated by pressing the button. This means you never have to pay attention to whether the battery is still full or not!

To date, this remote works on the PowerLight Box Luxe, the PowerLight Ceiling Luxe (available soon) and on the LED T5/T6 Battery Tubes

Thanks to its smart design and robust construction, the PowerLight Box can be used anywhere: in central halls, stairwells, corridors, galleries, storage areas and entrances.

PowerLight Box for Philips TCH and Hogro PVX


PowerLight Box voor Philips TCH en Hogro PVX
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