LED T6  Emergency Tube

LED T6 Tube
  • Colour (CCT): 4000K
  • Luminous Flux: 400Lm
  • CRI: 80~90
  • Battery: 3.7V Li-Po/1050mAh/1300mAh
  • Full Automatic self-test: 1 x per 30 days
  • Length: 280mm
  • Socket: G5
  • Keurmerken: CE - EMC- LVD - F -RoHs
As an accessory we can also supply remote. This allows you to remotely control the T6 tube at a distance.

A completely new designed T6 from B2B-Light and with all options, built-in as standard ....:

This new generation T6 has been developed entirely in-house by B2B-Light.It goes without saying that we have been able to build on a wealth of experiences (not all positive) that we have gained with the Bortly T6 and the DRIAs (Driver-Inverter-Battery units).
The result is a T6 that is a true all-rounder and has been successfully used in dozens of practical situations for over 3 years without any problems.
What makes this new and reliable T6 from B2B-Light so special:
  • It is a true all-in-one emergency lighting solution;
  • It can be used in both maintained and non-maintained (emergency only) luminaires;
  • It has a luminous surface that is 26% larger than the first generation;
  • It has an uniform light effect, also in combination with pictogram (emergency EXIT) luminaires;
  • It has a high light output (Lumen output) per Watt, both in emergency and under mains voltage;
  • It has a burning time (autonomy) of 3 hours;
  • It has a fully automatic 30-day self-test (control at a glance);
  • It has a control LED that clearly indicates the status and condition of the T6;
  • It has abuilt-in remote function (remotely controlled), so that you can perform periodic checks with the press of a remote control. (So you no longer have to open the luminaire on the stairs or switch off the power);
  • It has an optional wireless and battery-free remote control that makes checks super easy;
  • It is constructed from first class components with a long and reliable service life;
  • It is equipped with a HT Lithium-Polymer battery that is suitable for high temperatures (necessary in case of fire);
  • It has both charge and discharge control chips on the battery and on the circuit board;
  • This keeps the battery in top condition for much longer;
Obviously, the new generation T6 remains:
  • Very easy to install in almost any emergency lighting fixture;
  • Can also be used in luminaires with a Plexiglas plate (by means of “quarter turn” lamp bases);
  • A very economical solution to replace all electronics plus the (toxic) batteries in one go;
  • A huge energy saver (<4 Watt compared to> 14 Watt);
  • Very economical in maintenance (you no longer need to replace T5 tubes);
  • In the long term super easy to replace.
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